Budgeting you money when living in an expensive city

The cost of living in a city increases almost everyday. With just the average rent of a two room New York City apartment costing more than $4,000, no wonder more people than ever are budgeting their money and looking for more inexpensive ways to live. Cities become even more expensive if you are traveling to locations around the city that you need to get transportation to. The cost of a cab can become very expensive if you are sitting in traffic, but by owning a car in the city it can be just as expensive with the high costs of gasoline and the amount of traffic in the city.

One way that people all over the country who live in the city are budgeting their money is by taking public transportation. Public transportation is available in every city whether it is through train, boat, or through riding an underground subway. You can buy relatively low weekly passes to all public transportation in the city, and the great part about it is that it virtually pays for itself because when you live in the city, you virtually have to travel to get anywhere. With more and more people migrating to live in the city public transportation is becoming much more accepted than it once was, and besides it saving money it also helps the environment by cutting down on the huge carbon footprint that cities put on the environment. There is no better time than now to begin using public transportation.

Another way people can use Budgeting as a tool to live in an expensive city is by shopping at fruit markets and at thrift shops. The costs of clothing and goods there are much lower there than at expensive stores. Also, with new trends moving towards vintage clothing there is no time like the present to being shopping at thrift shops and vintage clothing stores. As far as buying groceries and fruit it is also much more inexpensive shopping on the side of the road, most of the groceries there are farmed right outside the city which is the reason why they are so inexpensive. Just make sure to carefully check out the location that you are purchasing the goods from before buying them just to make sure it is safe.

Many people who live in the city live above or right next to a pizza place or a restaurant. This is one of the ways that people spend the most money while living in the city. They cave in to how easy it is to just walk downstairs and grab food instead of cooking a meal for themselves. There are many advantages to cooking for yourself at home in a city. The first one is it will help while budgeting your money, but it is also make your diet much healthier by cooking instead of ordering takeout every night.