Can Borrowing Money From a Friend Ruin a Good Relationship?

Now, there is a heated issue that is whether money will influence the relationship. Some people hold the opinion that borrowing money from a friend or relative will not influence a good relationship. In my experience, borrowing money from a friend or relative can ruin a good relationship.

I think that borrowing more than three days worth or salary is essentially a business deal. In these types of situations, I agree with the opinion that borrowing money form a friend can damage the friendship.

First of all, asking a friend for money puts your friend in an uncomfortable position. It is very difficult for a friend to say “no”, even if his good business sense tells him to. I think most people will say “yes”, just to save face, but may develop a grudge against you for putting them in that uncomfortable position.

Second, I think borrowing money from a friend can alter his perception of you. He might receive you as reckless as or less responsible than he thought. I think most people would prefer to have a careful and responsible friend and you may no longer fit the bill.

Finally, if you borrow money from a friend, it changes the balance in the relationship. You are no longer equal to your friend. Now, you owe him a favor. He might expect you to treat him better or do more things for him in the future.

To be in brief, I think borrowing money from a friend can hurt friendship. It creates more problems than it solves. It is better to borrow money from a bank.